About Me

I decided to have this blog in order to post various ramblings on what I have learned since becoming an angel investor. The opinions expressed are just mine, not necessarily accurate and relate to my experience and thoughts. So keep that in mind and my hope is that someone might  find something of interest in what I have learned. Also, I am very fortunate to be in a position to both have money to invest, and not need to worry about my musings as it might affect a future job or whatever.

The picture on this site is from Wall, South Dakota, a stop on a cross-country road trip last summer. I had always wanted to see Wall Drug, it is legendary for its marketing story, and it is also on the edge of the Badlands National Park.  I love road trips, it is really the only way to see random small towns across the country and better appreciate that the U.S. is not just the San Francisco Bay Area or the five boroughs of New York city. Yes, that is my cat Mabel in the photo. She also traveled cross-country,  and the decision to hold her in front of the dinosaur has no great significance or meaning.

“Official Bio”

Kathy has been an active angel investor since 2012, investing in 17 companies as an individual investor and through Golden Seeds, one of the largest and most active angel investing groups in the U.S. She is also a limited partner in the Womens Venture Capital Fund and investor in Gamechanger Films, former member of Investors Circle and Pipeline Angels . Previously, Kathy worked within the nonprofit sector as executive director of HBS Community Partners, a program sponsored by the Harvard Business School that provides opportunities for HBS alumni to assist nonprofit organizations on business and management issues. She has served on many boards including Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin, Silicon Valley Venture Philanthropy Fund (SV2) and the San Francisco Education Fund. Prior to her work with nonprofit organizations, Kathy had 15 years of management experience in strategic marketing and consulting with Procter & Gamble, Young & Rubicam and SRI International. She has a BA in economics from Wellesley College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.