Random Resources

There is a lot of information out there about angel investing, some useful, some maybe not so.

Here is my list of what I found useful :

  • Angel Investing by David S. Rose, CEO of Gust and Founder of New York Angels. It’s an easy read and after doing a fair amount of investing, I reread, and realized I should have paid more attention to some the his advice. Also see The Gust Blog.
  • The Seraf Compass blog . This is blog by the people at Seraf Investors, who offer a portfolio management tool which I use as to keep track of my investments. The information doesn’t enter itself unfortunately but I recommend it as useful tool.
  • The 500 Startups Blog and Calicanus blogs are amusing, totally egotistical musings, info on launch events, start-up training, accelerator classes. Things that are never mentioned or perhaps known in somewhat sheltered Golden Seeds world. These blog represent the successful and arrogant side of what is happening mostly in tech, mostly in Silicon Valley.
  • GothamGal  Joanne Wilson is the wife of Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, and is a prominent angel investor in her own right. I have never met her but we exchanged emails over a couple of companies that I was considering investing in. Her blog posts on companies she invests in was an inspiration to start my blog really, and as an east coast person, I find her directness refreshing. See Profile in Bizjournals.
  • A2A Analyst to Angel Adam Quinton, founder and CEO of Lucas Point Ventures, writes about investing from the perspective of a former investment analyst meaning he really knows what is talking about on the numbers. Adam was a founding Astia Angels, and a former  member of Golden Seeds. We met at a dinner meeting in 2015 for investors and entrepreneurs at a vc firm in NYC. This is a serious and informative site.